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How to stay motivated exercising in winter

Monday, May 23, 2016

Here's some tips on staying motivated to exercise in the cold / winter:

1. Dress right for the occasion

Check the weather and dress for the occasion. You can add layers if required, you can adjust your route / routine to finish where you have left your jumpers etc, or you can increase the amount you move to keep your blood flowing and core temperature up

2. Plan a summer vacation

Organise a beach holiday to give you something to work towards and stay motivated in winter to stick to an exercise routine and healthy eating

3. Post updates

Create a community on a social network medium and post updates so you are accountable not only to yourself, but your support network as well

4. Change up your routine

Find some exercises or program that is different and gets you the results you want. Find something that helps you get out of bed excited on a cold morning because you're worth it and the exercise creates interest

5. Find a friend / workout partner

If you're finding it hard to get out on your own, find someone to exercise with so you feel more obligated to get out and move. You can keep each other motivated to keep the momentum in your fitness / health routine

6. Stay focused

Remember why you want to exercise in the first place. There are apps you can get to write down your goals and put up vision boards to ensure your outcome is in the forefront of your mind so you remain on tract to achieve your outcomes

And above all, remember you're worth it 

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