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Pool Lane Availability

25m Indoor Heated Pool, 8 Lanes

 Red = No Lanes  Orange = Limited Lanes White = Numerous Lanes

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
6.00am 8 lanes
6 lanes 8 lanes 6 lanes 8 lanes    
7.00am 8 lanes 8 lanes 8 lanes  
8.00am 2 lanes  
9.00am 5 lanes 6 lanes 6 lanes  5 lanes

7 lanes 3 lanes
10.00am 2 lane 5 lanes 4 lanes 6 lanes
11.00am 3 lanes 6 lanes  3 lanes
12.00pm 5 lanes 3 lanes 5 lanes 6 lanes
8 lanes 
1.00pm 8 lanes 8 lanes 8 lanes 8 lanes
2.00pm  3 Lanes
3.00pm 7 lanes 5 Lanes  6 lanes   
4.00pm NO lanes
NO lanes NO lanes
NO lanes NO lanes
 8 lanes  
6.00pm  1 lane    
7.00pm 8 lanes
8 lanes 4 lanes 8 lanes 8 lanes    

Timetable is subject to change. 

Due to school Holidays, extra lanes will be available between 9th - 24th April 2017. Next official Timetable change: 20th April 2017

Table shows how many lanes are available at the time

Please be aware that lanes may be booked on a one-off basis that are not displayed on this sheet, in which there will be less lanes available. 

You are not permitted in Learn To Swim Lanes or on steps while lessons are in progress. 

Note: Please be aware on Learn to Swim Lessons, the pool may be loud and busy at times of limited lane availability. 

Thank-you for understanding the importance of teaching children to swim